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Preliminary tests show that using Lambdragon could reduce the size of the RedwoodJS codebase by about 30%.  Needless to say, this could have a *massive* effect on productivity on every other level: Onboarding, build speeds, testing, time to ship.

David Price   |  RedwoodJS Cofounder

The Lambdragon is an Integrated Development Platform for Javascript and TypeScript.


It’s a complete rewrite of every layer of the stack — from languages and compilers, all the way to application frameworks and cloud infrastructure — designed with a single goal in mind: to provide a superior developer experience that doesn't degrade as our codebases grow in size and complexity.

New: Listen to the FSJam podcast episode where @aldonline talks about Lambdragon, pure-code, self provisioning runtimes and Hypercomplexity


Tom Preston-Werner

GitHub Co-Founder

Mathias Biilmann

Netlify Co-Founder

Michael Antonov

Oculus Co-Founder

Ross Mason

MuleSoft Founder

Some of the greatest minds in the industry support our fight against Hypercomplexity

Lambdragon is in private Beta

Our team includes (mostly) human engineers from Google and MuleSoft/Salesforce.
We're experts in language design, compilers, build systems, runtimes, databases, nesting, flying, and stack overflow

Current solutions focus on the individual side effects of this explosion in size and complexity:

If you spend hours fighting build tools and configuration, you’re not alone.


Monorepos, Serverless, Microservices, APIs — these and other trends are driving codebases to unprecedented sizes. And there’s no signs of slowing down.

Unless we want to spend the next 5 years going through major rewrites every month, we must acknowledge the underlying cause:


There has been a complexity explosion.

What we need to truly solve the problem is technology that is not only fully integrated and blazingly fast, but that's specifically designed to eliminate complexity and slow down codebase growth.

The average codebase today is several orders of magnitude more complex than it used to be even just a couple of years ago.
This runaway complexity is overwhelming our tools and crippling our productivity.

  • Build Caching to increase build speeds

  • Workspace Automation to orchestrate tooling

  • Integrated Toolchains to simplify configuration

  • Ultra-Fast Compilers in Go and Rust to improve developer experience

  • Infrastructure as Code frameworks to simplify deployment

There are more tooling startups today than at any point in history.

Because all of its parts are tightly integrated, and it incorporates at least a dozen innovations designed to crush complexity, Lambdragon can slice the size of an average monorepo by as much as 50%. This has massive productivity implications that are impossible to achieve with any other strategy.


It’s written in Rust, is extremely fast, and lets teams ship features at record speed, without accumulating technical debt.

More importantly: it makes programming fun again!

Unfortunately, this sudden explosion in tooling and frameworks is actually making things worse.

Teams spend countless hours evaluating new tools as they appear, rewriting their codebases over and over — only to see temporary benefits.

This shouldn't be surprising. We already know that dealing exclusively with the symptoms of a disease is a losing game in the long run!

This will require more than just "gluing" things together or simply making them faster: we need to rethink and rebuild the whole stack from the ground up.

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